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Wuhan Gime Food Machinery Co., Ltd.
Hubei Yunmeng Gime Technologies Co., Ltd.
(An ISO9001:2000 Certified Company)
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General Manager  Huang Chenghao

2, Enterprise Management
Gime Food Machinery——A Standardized Management Team

The 21st Century is a new economic age of rapid reformation and intense competition. With opportunity and challenge,threat and development coexistence,  how to efficiently face reformation, seek advantages and realize sustainable development is the pressure of every enterprise. Establish as soon as possible the market economy operation law and modern standard management system, realize the strategic transformation from experience management to stadard management is the urgent mission.

Since our foundation, we have been dedicating to the standard management, and make a series management system including: Staff Management System, Department Working Management System, Achievement Appraisal Management System, Office Management System, Financial Management System, etc. Our company strictly implement those rules and regulations in our daily work.

Through establishing, perfecting and implementing those regulations, we have made clear of the standardization and coordination relationship, to help our company make a long-term, stable and healthy development.

3.Enterprise Environment
1.Wuhan Headquarter (picture)

2.Hubei Yunmeng Factory (picture)



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